Susan Boyle on Youtube

April 29, 2009 at 8:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Stephen Mangan made an interesting point about the rights over internet content.

‘Although over 100 million people have viewed Susan Boyle’s performance on Britain’s got Talent, but neither YouTube or ITV is making any money from the hit ratio because of a disagreement over terms of rights.

ITV has reportedly lost £1 million because it can’t cultivate YouTube hits into a direct profit – one can’t help but feel that Michael Grade might have extended his stay of execution as executive chairman of ITV had the station calculated income in this instance.’

A YouTube spokesman confirmed that the video isn’t running a single ad against all of the Susan Boyle clips people have uploaded. User-uploaded videos don’t have ads placed with them, and even YouTube’s content partners can choose whether or not they want to run ads against their videos, the spokesman added. So far, no one who’s uploaded a clip of Susan Boyle singing has allowed YouTube to run an ad against the clip.

Wired figures, “if Google sold a decent amount of video overlays on the video (earning an estimated $20 per thousand views), [Simon] Cowell[, who co-produces Britain’s Got Talent,] and company would be owed millions more in revenue sharing.”


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