The Amazon Kindle

April 16, 2009 at 6:45 pm (Uncategorized)

The above image is taken from a penny-arcade site which takes a pretty sarcastic view of the whole e book phenomenon.

Everyone seems to be jumping on the eBook wagon. The Amazon Kindle and the new Amazon Kindle 2 just shows the success of these new nifty devices.

The Amazon Kindle is the handheld electronic reader that was designed to revolutionize the way people got their information. The device makes it easy to download the newest books and ebooks directly onto the reader which can then be taken anywhere. A number of newspapers and blogs are also accessible by the Kindle

Elsewhere, uber-PR guy and social media pundit Steve Rubel sees the Kindle as the ‘last great white hope for monetizing text media like journalsim:

The Kindle, like the iPod, is an emerging critical mass device that actually encourages people to pay for content rather than get it for free. When Apple launched the iTunes Music Store, people were skeptical that people would shell out cash for music they could snag for free from file sharing networks. They did. The same was true when Apple, and later others, rolled out movies. However, today millions rent or buy movies online.

The Kindle offers a similar experience in a much larger market – text. This one is tougher to monetize. In the digital age books have managed to remain premium content. However, beyond books, magazine and newspaper content is available in abundance online for free. Yet, I still believe that people will pay to receive some of their favorites on their Kindles or their Kindle-enabled phones. Meet them there now while you can.


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