Seattle Paper Shifts Entirely to the Web

April 16, 2009 at 6:11 pm (Uncategorized)

Seattle Paper Closes

Seattle Paper Closes

The Seattle Post- Intelligencer, popularily known as the P-I has confirmed that after 146 years in the business it will produce it’s last printed edition this tuesday to become and internet only news source. The New York Times called it ‘by far the largest American newspaper to take the leap’.

It’s original newsroom of 165 people has now dropped to 20, each day writing and designing a site with mostly commentary, advice and links to other news sites, along with some original news stories

The New York times reported that the transition to an all-digital product for The P-I will be “especially closely watched in an industry that is fast losing revenue and is casting around for a new economic model.”

“The bloodline will live on,” Roger Oglesby, the paper’s publisher and editor, told the employees Monday morning in the newsroom. The Web site will remain at the paper’s address, at, and assume its new form on Tuesday.

Ruth Teichroeb, an investigative reporter who was among those who lost their jobs, said she worried about what would be lost. “The thing that’s always been closest to my heart is The P-I’s coverage of the underdog, people who are invisible,” she said. “Those people who have the least voice in society are losing access to another part of the mainstream media.”


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