Online journalism Japanese-style

April 16, 2009 at 7:08 pm (Uncategorized)

Japan is one of the most newspaper and television-friendly countries in the world, with national dailies Yomuri and Asahi each employing more than 2,000 reporters and editors. As a result, many still consider the web to be a second-rate news medium.

As with our own newspapers here in the west, most of the news sites were laucnhed in the 1990s. Howvever now most have abandoned print media, and relay soley on internet based news sites.

The only newspaper currently making money on its site is Nikkei Shimbun, Japan’s equivalent to The Wall Street Journal. It charges US$50 for a six-month subscription to Nikkei Net Interactive.

The threat of losing paying readers to the web is a critical issue in Japan, because papers there get about 50 per cent of their income from subscriptions. Big newspaper publishers are now looking to cell phones as a way of making money which is unique to the web.

Almost 60 million of the country’s 72 million mobile phone users now also have wireless web access. This has proved to be a goldmine for The Yomiuri, which was the first big paper to reproduce its web content for phones. Only six staff work for cell phone news services, but they make the company about US$100 million annual profit.

Japan Media review was a helpful website to find out web blogs in the east.

This is a youtube video about how 52 newspapers in Japan and Kyodo joined into one News digital Consortium.


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