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March 20, 2009 at 11:31 am (Uncategorized)

Using the internet as a medium, a kind of journalism has emerged which operates according to its own, distinct online media logic. As a result of the expansion of the www and the popularisation of the internet, the media have been presented with new challenges and opportunities to attract, retain and communicate with their audiences.

Here is a link to a website giving tips in online journalism.

Some describe it as a ‘a fourth kind of journalism’. Online Journalism is best describes in my opinion by Massey and Levy, discussing its potential in empowering its audience. . In other words, content producers can harness the technological capabilities of the Net to give content consumers hitherto unavailable means for controlling their interaction with the days news.

You can look at Massey and Levys article on ‘Interactive Online Journalism here.


Blogging became popular in the late nineties and although the majority are produced be ordinary citizens, news organisations are increasingly adopting blogging as a new format to communicate with their audiences. They have been praised for their ability to provide a democratic and interactive space, functioning as a public sphere where the monopoly of information, controlled by the institutions of news, is renegotiated. While the concepts of interactivity, hypertextuality, multimedia and archivality can be seen as internet specific features, which enable new forms of communication and interaction in online journalism, blogs are in themselves a new form of communication.

Professor Rosental Alves talks about how online journalism is growing, and speculates about the future of the expanding medium of the Internet.

Many observers have noted, that in contrast to mainstream news media’s centralized, top down approach to news reporting, with their reliance on elite sources of information, weblogs facilitate a decentrailized, bottom-up approach to news reporting by turning traditionally passive news consumers into active news producers.

To conclude, the internet provides the user with access to a myriad of information, making blogging accessible to contemporary journalists.


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